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"Dang! I should've done THAT!" is what we sometimes say in our car on our way from an audition. Well no more! Have that epiphany moment on your way TO the audition instead with our EXCLUSIVE "Run it 1st" Audition service.

What is it? Simple. Swing by before your audition and run it a few times out loud with a reader and on tape (just like a real audition)! It's a quick & inexpensive way to bring your best take into the room & vastly increase your chances of booking. It has proven incredibly successful in booking TV, Film, Commercials, and especially "one-liners" & "small roles".

Not surprisingly, almost every one of our clients who take advantage of this have booked or gotten called back as a direct result! Call to learn more about how you can take advantage of this empowering resource.

$20/ up to 20 min.

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