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"Why are you slightly more expensive than some other taping places?"

Great Question! Our tapings are superior in quality (better audio, better video, lighting, readers, coaching, environment, etc.). Because of our commitment to delivering the finest tape for you, our tapings have a great record of booking success. BTW, Tom Cruise and Ed Zwik both said they "loved my tape." Pretty cool!

"Where are you located?"

We're located at 4463 Murietta Ave. #21 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Which is behind the shiny new Ralph's on Ventura and Hazeltine.

"Do I need to bring a reader with me?"

Nope. Although you are more than welcome to do so if you feel more comfortable. Amato is an experienced actor and a seasoned reader/session runner. He's there to give you what you need for your audition.
Please let us know in advance if you specifically require a female reader.

"How long will it take to upload & deliver my file?"

We can usually have your video edited, transcoded, and delivered with the hour but that's cutting it closer than we like. We appreciate as much breathing room as you can give us.

"Will my audition end up on Youtube next year?"

Absolutely not! We completely respect your privacy and the confidentiality of the material. We abide by the rules of SAG-AFTRA regarding auditions & performances. See our TERMS AND CODE OF ETHICS

"Should I schedule an hour or a 1/2 hour session?"

It depends. If you have a 1 or 2 page scene & you're camera ready & know you can knock it out in 1 to 3 takes then 1/2 hour should be plenty. You may want to book an hour if you have a longer, more in depth audition that will require more than 3 takes; or if you just want to play with it a bit & explore the material to discover some possibilities as we run it. (I love doing that, BTW!)

"What if I go over by a few minutes?"

No worries. I'm usually not a time stickler as long as there's nobody booked right after you (call ahead to be sure) I want you to be thrilled with your audition so I'll run it with you for as long as you need. That being said, I'm also respectful of your time and $ so if I think we're passed the point of diminishing return I'll suggest calling a wrap and choosing from the takes we have.

I'm known to do a free Martini take (or 2) on the house if I see something interesting and you're game to try it out.

"I have more questions."

Give us a call! We're happy to answer any questions you have.


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